Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

The fridge, it doth cooleth

Indeed, when the repair-guy-willing-to-come-on-Saturday appeared, the fridge was working. The fridge compartment was almost at the set temperature, and the freezer temp was headed down, at least. He shut it off and turned it back on, gave me a short lesson on good refrigerator noises ("if you don't hear the compressor running, that's bad", duh), delivered a rant on gov'mint mandates leading to shoddy appliance construction, and left. Charge: a bargain $45, and he'll come back within 30 days for no additional travel fee if the problem happens again.

Oh, and he made friends with Fish, who wandered up to investigate the stranger in his house and stayed when the stranger proved adept at head rubs. Fish eventually stretched out at his feet and let his belly be scratched--quite unusual for Fish-cat.

The weekend has been spent in a fog induced by the head cold (and medications), and I've accomplished little except unpacking and opening the week's mail. Just arose from a nap, and am contemplating if I will drag myself to the grocery store for supper fixings, eat out of the freezer, or just heat more of the soup I made for lunch. Nothing is particularly appetizing at this point...
Tags: home

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