Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Gee, now they call

It's been flooding in Atlanta, you may have heard. I've escaped without damage (haven't been to look at my crawlspace, but there's not much there to get damaged by the likely level of water...if any got in). Today was really a mopping up day--yes, several Interstates are still closed with water over the road, most schools were closed today (but not yesterday), lots of people who did get flooded to varying degrees started the cleanup. And there was no rain today, and the sun came out this afternoon.

So tonight the phone rings, and it's a really ineptly done robo-call from the county emergency services. It starts out by mispronouncing the county ("DeKalb" is pronounced "Dee CAB" in these parts, not "Dee Colb"), announced there was a shelter available at a nearby church (OK, probably a little late to tell people--most got evacuated last night or earlier), and gave two numbers to call for help...but only 7 digits, and this is a mandatory 10-digit dialing area with 4 area codes in play.

Low-bid contract, I assume.
Tags: dekalb, humor

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