Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Waitin' on the repair person

Waitin' on the Sears repair tech....again.

Here's the tale: when I bought my compact freezer when I did the kitchen renovation (2006), I bought the extended warranty. I don't normally do that, but this is the odd-sized freezer that fits in the space designed around it, and which was discontinued between the design and the actual renovation, which is when I discovered no other compact freezer of similar capacity would fit. When I found one of the discontinued model hanging around at a local K-Mart, I bought it and felt I'd better keep it working.

So, it was contract renewal time and I'd about decided to not renew. The sales person pointed out that I was entitled to a check-up visit every year (a fact that had escaped my notice), so I scheduled one just before the old contract expired. The tech decided that the uneven freezing pattern I complained about warranted replacing the interior evaporator coils, which in this freezer actually are the shelves, too. He ordered the part and sets up an appointment in a week to install it.

The night before the appointment, the part had not arrived. I called and re-scheduled (and unlike the first call to Sears, this time the phone person spoke standard, fairly unaccented English and was able to give me actual information, to wit, the tracking information on the part and its arrival date. New appointment was set up.

Technician arrived to install the part...different tech, who thought maybe a new part wasn't needed after all, this may just be the way this freezer works. He sat in his truck for 20 minutes discussing this with a manufacturer's rep, and came back ready to replace the part...but another part must be replaced at the same time. He ordered this part, and said I should call when it came in to schedule the installation.

Part arrived, I call, and they already know the part has arrived (package tracking, again) and have scheduled the appointment for me and hadn't bothered to tell me. Can't I be home the next day (a Tuesday) from 8-12? No, I can't. We re-schedule for a Friday, a day I can be home, and today was the first available. 8-12 is the tightest time slot they offer, but you can request 'first call'. I did, though having done it last time too and having the tech show at 11:55, I was not holding my breath. Good thing. No tech shows up from 8-12.

I called at 12:15 before leaving for Weight Watchers, and hung up after 10 minutes on hold. Went to WW, to the Post Office, and picked up lunch at Panera, then returned home and called again. Oh, I'm still on the list for today, and she'll message the tech and have him/her call me with an expected arrival time. That was 90 minutes ago, and (s)he has neither called nor arrived. I'm wishing I hadn't caved on renewing the maintenance contract.
Tags: freezer, rant, sears

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