Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

It's out! The Report is out!

When you work on a project that operates on a 5-year cycle, getting The Report out is a really big thing. So, ta-da! Released today!
Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2005
And the companion fact sheet
Summary of Estimated Water Use in the United States in 2005

Yes, I know it's 2009 and the report is for 2005. We don't start on the data collection process until the year after the target (so, 2006), trying to use as much reported data (as opposed to estimates) as possible. The 2000 report came out in early 2004, and we'd hoped to do better this time around. Alas, we're 6 months later. Lots of issues with various State datasets, a personal meltdown from a member of the team last year, and then more crises as we tried to wrap things up: my father's illness and death in June, Joan's father's death the next month, you get the idea.

But it's out. I was working on Web page updates until 1 am, after crunching on the downloadable datafiles over the weekend and doing last-minute photograph selection and edits the week before. The emails on the press release are still flying, as it went from being a USGS release to a DOI event--the Ass't Secretary for Water and Science will announce the report at a high-level conference on Thursday. The press release drafted at USGS also moved up, and is being re-written by the DOI Communications Office. The Ass't Secretary is asking questions so she understands what she'll be talking about. Oh, and Friday there's a Congressional briefing on water use, and again The Report will be highlighted.

Now I need to clear the last few months' detritus from my desk, catch up on at least a few of the many other overdue tasks put aside for the final push on The Report, start on a new project for the current FY, and then....I'm going to Disney World. Yes, really--a repeat of last year's trip, just in mid-November instead of early December. I'm ready for the break.
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