Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

The Sears Saga, cont.

Cautioned by patgund, I called about possible damage to a compressor that had been turned upside down (and left that way) by the shipper. The repair appointment person felt I should take time off work to wait on the repair tech, so he could figure out if the part was usable. I pressed, and she transferred me to a technical support person. He also thought the tech should be the one to make the call, but under additional pressure said he would text the tech to call me so I could ask the question.

No one ever called, either the house number or my cell. I'm soooo shocked.

On to today: Repair appointment window: 1-5. My plan: go to the office, get through as much as possible of the too-long list of 'things to be done before going on leave for 10 days', leave at 12. Drive to Northlake, swing by WW to weigh in for November (before 10 days on the Disney Dining Plan), pick up lunch at Panera, get to house before 1.

The reality: tech calls at 11:55 and says he's on his way. Miraculously it's the same tech as last time--that's the first repeat. We negotiate on timing: I'll try to see if brother or sister-in-law are home and could let him in, so he could at least check the parts. I mention the problem with the upside-down compressor, and he immediately agrees the part is no good. However, he still needs to check on another part (the heat exchanger, I think) which might be boxed with the coils, or might not be there. No one's home next door, so I frantically complete my response to my supervisor's writeup of my annual review, pack up, and go home. I got there only 5 minutes after the tech.

The heat exchanger wasn't there, so the tech will order it and a new compressor and we'll try again. I told him I'd be gone next week, so I'm hoping a) Sears won't automatically schedule an appointment for then, then drop the whole thing when they don't get hold of me and b) this tech continues to be assigned the problem.

Oh, and the tech had not been contacted about my call on the compressor--clearly that is an easy call and could have saved both me and Sears the time spent today to come look at a boxed, dead, replacement part. Too logical for Sears to handle, I suspect.
Tags: rant, sears

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