Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Short work week, some stuff accomplished

I'm taking tomorrow off to cook, so the work week was only 2 days long. Nevertheless....

Monday was mostly consumed by a mini-crisis involving a continuing effort to move the Georgia water-use data from one database (now defunct, we've saved data dumps) to another. I'm only peripherally involved, but as a DBA and semi-expert on the new database, I get dragged into stuff. Like Monday's kerfluffle various checks of the old data, and what else needed to be done (and by whom).

That mostly done, I turned to what I had needed to do this week, which was to work with Susan, another member of the national team, on a work plan for our joint project. She contacted me first proposing a call for today, so I sent back an agreement and some draft thoughts on the tasks. We're working on improving water-use estimates for thermoelectric power generation, with the current buzz of also looking at climate change effects.

Today the call happened, and was productive. We'll have another call next Monday with the new national water-use coordinator and go over the plan for his benefit, and see what else he wants us to include before we get to work. OK, we (especially Susan) have already been working on it, but we will now have A Plan. And official funding, which is good.

What else? Oh, I dealt with my use-or-lose annual leave. Thanks to using Family Leave off my sick leave balance the first half of the year while Daddy was in the hospital, even the Disney vacation didn't make much headway on my use-or-lose. I had 15 -1/2 days to use before January 3, and I have work to do--I can't just disappear for December. (Recall that I only work a 4-day week.) I scheduled 5 days--2 at Christmas, 2 at New Year's, and tomorrow, and will take another day and a half somewhere in there. The rest got donated to a member of our IT staff who had a difficult pregnancy and is now on maternity leave, and had exhausted her leave. My supervisor offered to let me carry the leave over if I'd just write the justification (based on the crunch this fall to get out The Report), but I don't anticipate a long vacation next year that would need it. The IT person will make good use of it, I'm sure.
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