Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

In the backyard

My little patch of grass behind the patio is covered with blackbirds: red-wings male and female, and one towhee. Whoops! There they go, spooked by something towards the street. Don't know what they were finding out in the sparse grass, though the ones who were over under the feeders surely did better. I don't think I've seen a blackbird flock in my backyard before.

Now it's back to the usual. Mockingbird on the suet feeder. Wrens waiting for a chance. Bluebirds. Nuthatches. Warblers and sparrows I can't identify. The downy woodpecker will re-appear soon, I'm sure.

Note to self: go find a new bluebird nest box to replace the one that's had the hole gnawed or pecked out to twice the original size...
Tags: birds
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