Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Moultrie wildlife, and not-so-wildlife

We discovered tenants in Granddaddy's garage, next door to my father's house. My brothers went out after dark Sunday night to try to get the power turned on so older brother could do some more cleaning, and discovered that the circuit breaker kept tripping. They heard a noise, looked up, and saw a raccoon making its way into the attic. Once inside, with flashlights, they found that the coons had gnawed through the ceiling boards in places (and some of the trash on the floor was thus explained), and even spotted a gray ear through one of the holes. Circuit breaker problems are probably explained by some damage to the wiring up there...

On the guest house visit, sadly, we found the bodies of two wrens. The guess is that they came in through the kitchen vent fan, an old style with large openings. We got the vent fan cover closed, but too late for the wrens.

And lastly the not-so-wild: cousin Cecil got into the backyard chickens craze, and got some Rhode Island Red chicks a few months ago. He showed up at the house Monday before we left with 3 dozen-and-a-half cartons of lovely brown eggs, "one for each of you". He's getting 10 eggs a day....
Tags: moultrie

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