Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Jazzerthon for the Cure

For the last few years I've participated in Jazzerthon for the Cure, a fund-raising effort for Komen for the Cure and the fight against breast cancer. This year's event is Valentine's Day (a week from Sunday), so I'm in the final stretch of looking for sponsors, and other fund-raising efforts. To that end, let me make a pitch here.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation supports breast-cancer research directly, and also gives community grants for things like screenings, support groups, education efforts, and other needs. It's a great organization that makes good use of the money they raise.

If anyone is interested in supporting me in the Jazzerthon and donating to an excellent (and tax deductible) cause, the Komen folks have arranged for us to accept online donations through their "Race for the Cure" site. Here's my donations page.
Tags: jazzercise, jazzerthon

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