Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


And the current set of winter storms finally affects Atlanta. It started snowing as we (me, sister-in-law, younger niece, nephew, and friend of nephew) headed into the movie theater to see The Lightning Thief, and by the time we got out the grass was covered. Looks like there may me about an inch and a half piled up on my bird feeder now, and the prediction is for it to keep snowing for another 6 or 7 hours. Total accumulation expected is 2-4 inches, so nothing like what hit Washington, DC or even Dallas, but plenty to mess up travel in Atlanta.

However, I'm in for the day, and have the challah rising as my contribution towards dinner (I think sister-in-law will be seeing if Golden Buddha will deliver the rest of it), and I got the critical cat-food run made today. Hopefully tomorrow will be enough to let the roads clear, and I'll be able to drive to the Jazzerthon on Sunday to cheer on my team from the side of the room. I have discovered that the air cast does require a little more care in walking on slush than normal footware, so I don't think I'll venture out until a good bit of melting has taken place.
Tags: snow, weather

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