Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Betwixt the households

Phone rang a few minutes ago. It was sister-in-law asking to come over to swap out a book. I turned on the outside lights and unlocked the patio door for her.

Her phone rang as she came in: my brother hadn't realized she'd left the house. He figured out that she's over here and asked her to bring back any tax forms that had come in for Daddy's estate.

Right behind SIL was younger niece, in bathrobe and slippers. She found Fish and carried him around upside down briefly (until he said enough), accepted the zebra-striped purse thingie that was the 'prize' for one level of fundraising at the Jazzerthon and which I will never ever use, looked at Daddy's Army fatigue jackets I decided to bring up here instead of donating in mild bewilderment (SIL fully understood the potential occasions for them), then moved on to her purpose: cake. We dug the remnants of the chocolate ice-cream cake from the freezer, warmed the fudge sauce, and she departed with all that on a paper plate after licking the spoon and custard cup I used for warming the sauce.

I re-locked the door and turned out the lights. It's about bedtime...
Tags: family

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