Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Watching and watched

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday, temp about 45 degrees F, so why am I at my computer? Skip that question...

I am managing some desultory bird-watching as I deal with bills and email, at the feeder setup in the backyard. A pair of bluebirds (male and female--must get that nest box with the gnawed out hole replaced SOON) and a wren scavenging suet cake crumbs that the squirrel scattered on the pinestraw, brown thrasher, mourning dove at the birdbath, downy woodpecker on the suet cake itself. I turned back to my screen a few minutes ago, then caught movement at the corner of my eye. A Carolina wren had landed on the ledge below the window sill and was staring intently into the house. Lots of head cocking and turning from side to side, some long stares, then it had enough and flew away. It's cool to watch a bird at an arm's length distance.

Good thing the cats are napping elsewhere this morning, or the wren would have had quite a scare.
Tags: birds

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