Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Filk addiction in the making, perhaps

I'm only a casual fan of filk--mostly connected to being a rabid fan of Bujold. Going to GaFilk every year is my only filk activity (though I may yet make it to a house filk...or if filkferengi has her way, even host one), and often my only FTF fan activity for the year unless there's a con with Bujold as GoH within reach.

But anyway, I do like folk music, and when a filker hits me right I even buy some filk recordings. Which accounts for me having 2 Chris Conway CDs, as he was a guest at GaFilk this year.

And this long prelude leads up this evening's phone call. It was 9 PM or so, and I assumed the caller would be my sister-in-law, coming to look at my smallest rolling suitcase to see if she wanted to use it for a carry-on. (She's taking the 3 kids to see her parents in Arizona tomorrow.)

No, it's my younger niece. "Aunt Nancy, Mom's coming over in five minutes, and can you get Alien Salad Abduction out so I can take it to Arizona?" She had asked a couple of weeks ago if she could borrow it for the trip, but I'd forgotten. Not she!

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