April 8th, 2004


Dining in Denver

I've been doing well with the diet this week. Monday meals were mostly out (Subway for lunch, a Japanese rice bowl spot for dinner), then I hit another grocery store and found the 1-point bagels I'm familiar with, and decided I'd make my lunches for the rest of the week. Dinner last night was a second trip to the rice bowl spot, for shrimp this time.

But tonight was my treat night: several of us went to 240 Union, a lovely little restaurant on the edge of the Denver Federal Center (which is where I'm working this week, so it's close to our hotel as well). A meal at 240 Union generally costs my entire per diem, if not more--but it's worth it. Tonight I got a grilled pork chop with a pistachio crust, balanced on a scallion risotto, with a pinot noir plum sauce. I also ordered a side of asparagus, baby carrots, and thin green beans. It was all absolutely lovely. I polished off the pork chop, but managed to put the fork down while there was still a good bit of risotto on the plate. One of my companions ordered the vanilla bean creme brulee (creme brulee is a real weakness of mine) and let everyone share: I had one spoonful and quit. I do believe I've stayed within my base number of points for the day! (Pats self on head...)

It helps tremendously to tell everyone about your diet early and often during a week like this. No one urged me to eat more creme brulee once I said I was done. People have been good about not pushing food and keeping the pass-around snacks in the room to things like pretzels and carrots, not cookies and chocolate. And I hadn't seen any of these people since I began WW, so there are lots of comments on my looks. Good reinforcement.
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