August 6th, 2004

fish bookcase

Fish update

After Fish threw up several times today and remained uninterested in food, I hauled him in to the vet's this afternoon. First X-ray was inconclusive, but the vet really didn't like the looks of the bits of toy I brought in--it's the sort of stuff that's likely to cause a bowel obstruction. So he gave Fish a dye, and started taking more X-rays as the dye moved through.

The results were still not very conclusive, though. The dye largely moved through the intestines with no obstruction, but the stomach just looks...abnormal. Maybe some of the fabric covering from the coiled toy, maybe something else. But whatever it is seems to be irritating him, and causing the vomiting and lack of interest in food.

Bottom line: the vet will operate tomorrow morning and try to remove whatever it is. Fish will spend tonight at the vet's, and will be first up for surgery. Please send your good luck and fast healing vibes this way!
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