August 9th, 2004

fish bookcase

Fish is home

He's curled up on the sofa at my feet (touching my foot, actually) as I type--glad I have the laptop and the wireless network. Clearly sore (he thought hard about that jump to the sofa--front feet on the cushion, pause, pause, then the jump to get the back feet up there), and very needy. I've already put a box in position to help with the sofa climb, and will need to find a multi-step solution for the bed before bedtime. Agatha went and hid as soon as she saw him enter the house, and is generally staying out of the way. She had had a lovely weekend, able to demand lots of attention without Fish there to interrupt.

Fish has a shaved belly and a long incision. No visible stitches (surgical glue is a wonderful thing). He'll be on antibiotics for a week and a prescription food--cans for now, then a bag of dry stuff before I transition back to his normal diet. I asked about the need to restrict his activity, but that's clearly not a problem at this stage--he's sore and not going to move more than necessary. "Necessary" includes staying as close as possible to me, of course.

Total damage was about $560. That's really not as bad as I had imagined, though the only other cat surgeries I've paid for were spaying (for Agatha) and neutering. This incident also involved multiple X-rays and assorted shots. That was one expensive cat toy!