September 29th, 2005



I wash my car once a year or so, whether it needs it or not. OK, sometimes it's more often, but I'm just not sensitized to the cleanliness or lack thereof of the exterior of my car--it takes someone writing "wash me" on it, or getting a specially good set of cat footprints (up the hood, across the roof, slide marks on the windshield on the descent, then back across the hood), or something similar for me to notice that the car is really dirty.

Or there's contrast. When I wait at the car dealer's for my car to be brought around after being serviced, and my eye gets accustomed to all the clean (and new, but I'm not very sensitive to that either, thank heavens) vehicles, and then mine rounds the corner.

I'm headed to the car wash in the morning.

More on the work situation

I sent off an email to Ed (head of the office) yesterday, following up on last week's meeting where he asked if I'd cut back my work hours or take a buyout. After several rather angry drafts, the final version just recited the facts from my viewpoint, and asked why I was singled out to be asked those two questions.

This morning he summoned me to his office this morning to discuss it, but I didn't get much of a response. He made one attempt at a bluff: "You don't know if I asked the others this privately." "I do know, because I asked them." He waved the list of items that the Regional Office told him he had to try because of the funding problem, and said this was on it. I said fine, but treat everyone the same.

He finally said (as I suspected) that as I was already part-time, he thought I might want to work even less. I tried to tell him that it seemed to me that making decisions based on his guess of people's desire to work was not a good thing--I don't think I made an impression.

The upshot was that Ed said he would approach the other 8 people in the office who are unfunded and ask them the same questions, so I wouldn't be "singled out". (Well, better late than never...) I promptly relayed this to my office neighbor who's in another of the groups that is unfunded, and asked her to let me know when/if Ed asked the questions. We'll see...

Hallowed Hunt, cataloging thereof

Just entered The Hallowed Hunt into my Readerware database, using the auto lookup function. The Category entry came in as "Kings and rulers -- Succession -- Fiction, Rites and ceremonies -- Fiction, Animal sacrifice -- Fiction, Rape victims -- Fiction, Historical fiction, Fantasy fiction, Love stories".

Have we covered the gamut here? Could it be corrected to say "Fiction, Near victims of rape", perhaps?

However, my favorite HH entry is the SFBC flier that said "Lois McMaster Bujold dabbles in ANIMAL MAGNETISM"...