October 16th, 2005



SITH is not a Star Wars reference--it's Somewhere In This House. (I picked up this usage from SFF.Net, especially on Elizabeth Moon's newsgroup--don't know where it originated.)

SITH, I hope, are 3 or 4 of the exercise tops I wear at Jazzercise. At least, some are missing from the basket where they are kept. Unfortunately I've looked in all the logical spots and some of the illogical ones, and they haven't turned up. The worst case is they got swept up in the donation pile that I put together before my father came to visit, and I'll have to go back to searching sale racks for ones in the style and fabric I prefer. I'm still hoping they are SITH.

Still not packed

Packing list is done, some stuff is assembled, but the suitcase hasn't come out yet. But the guest bathroom is completely ready for the countertop installation, and my bathroom has only the stuff I need for tonight and the morning. Have taken photos to document the before: these won't get posted until things are done, so I might as well do before and after at the same time. Have done some meal planning for the week--I'll be staying with my father, who no longer has a housekeeper who cooks for him. So I'll cook big meals and leave him leftovers to freeze for later. And I've cleared some of the perennial desk detritus, which had moved to the guest bed, which might get used while I'm gone if younger niece can't take the paint smell after her room gets painted.

Must go pack now...soon....