December 15th, 2005


Travel day

I've made it to my father's house in Moultrie. Not a pleasant trip, as it was raining steadily for about 3/4 of the drive, and I-75 was full of trucks (as usual) throwing lots of spray. Luckily the freezing rain last night and this morning only deposited a light coating on my trees, and I then headed south and got out of any possible ice problems. Collapse )

Tomorrow I'll help clean and straighten the house, do some food preparation for the post-funeral lunch on Saturday, and we may host some of the family for dinner tomorrow night by getting barbecued pork from a local place, making my favorite "Brunswick stew from cans", and adding some salad stuff. We'll just see if this appeals to anyone, or if my Aunt Joyce instead holds an open house supper at her place. She's hosting the post-funeral lunch, as my father's house won't really handle feeding 30 or so people.

It has been a fraught week. Collapse ) We've decided that Christmas present exchanges between adults can just wait. I like joyeuse13's idea--Ephiphany celebrations. By tradition that's supposed to be when the Wise Men brought presents to baby Jesus, after all...
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