January 24th, 2006


Retirement parties

I'm in from an office retirement party for 4 people (including my former supervisor) who retired on January 3. They had something like 126 years of government service between them--Tim, my supervisor, had 32, and another guy had over 40. And the downsizing goes on...all of these guys took the buyout payment, which means that their positions have been eliminated.

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Thursday afternoon I'm flying to Albany, NY for another retirement--a luncheon Friday for 6 people in that office who also took the buyout. One of the six is Debbie, who I've known since 1984, if not earlier. I dug an old file out on a workshop held in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in Oct. 1984 which we both attended--Debbie was a guest from the Northeastern Region at this Southeastern Region workshop, and I was a cooperator (meaning I worked for a State agency in conjunction with USGS, not for USGS itself). Through the early 1990's we were on a committee together and we saw each other more often. And since 2000 or so, we were both part of the national water-use leadership team, so there were a few more meetings and innumerable conference calls. Even though it's a luncheon with 6 honorees, I'm going up and will say a few words, and read a letter from the Chief of the Office of Ground Water (which funds the water-use program) on her contributions to the program. Will come home Friday night.