February 1st, 2006


Bidding progresses on the kitchen

I have one bid in hand for the kitchen remodeling (a good bit higher than my mental number, of course) that looks on one read-through to have been prepared without much attention to the very detailed plans. Another contractor will meet with me Friday to present his bid in person. One came last week with his key subs, and hopefully is working on his bid. The last contractor came again today with more subs--this is her third visit, not counting the initial meeting. We'll hope she gets her bid together soon, too.

It was interesting listening to the conversation between the contractor and the electrician today. The electrician seemed to be your basic pessimist, or maybe it was just unwillingness to underbid. So he mentioned all possible code upgrades that might be required, which led to an exchange about which county inspector would have this job, because that apparently can make substantial differences in interpretation of the code requirements. Ah, standards...aren't they great?

With luck, I might have all the bids in hand next week, and can then schedule a meeting to go over them all with the architect. And call references for them. And then make a decision!