March 8th, 2006


Slow appliance death, chapter 3...or 4...I've lost count

There was this sound niggling at me as I fixed my breakfast this morning. I finally turned off Morning Edition to listen, and tracked it to the built-in clock on the oven. (Said oven is most certainly original equipment, which dates it to 1962.) Adjusting various knobs, gentle pressure on the face plate, not quite so gentle banging on faceplate have all failed to make any difference in the noise. It seems I will have to hear this soft waow waow waow waow until a) the clock dies completely or b) the kitchen renovation starts and the oven is ripped out.

On the good side, the high bidder said she would get back to me with some adjusted numbers by the end of the week, and then I'll make a decision. I'm leaning hard toward the other bidder, so High Bidder will have to really come down, plus make me reconsider some other factors, to get the job.

Also on the good side, I'll be in Denver next week (too far away to hear the waow waow waow waow ) for the second round of testing on the database for aggregated water-use data. And I'll go back to Denver the first week in April for the first round of testing on the database for site-specific data. Which hopefully puts me away from the waow waow waow waow for 2 of the 4 weeks until the probable start date for the remodeling.