March 12th, 2006


Cabinets, and more on bids

The Friday afternoon meeting with the high bidder and a saleswoman for Wellborn cabinets was very helpful. Collapse )

After we left the cabinet place, high bidder (Betsy) and I met and she gave me a revised bid. With the Wellborn cabinets, lower prices on painting, tile-setting, job supervision, and the living-room bookcases, she's no longer the high bidder. Yesterday I put the revised numbers from both contractors in my comparison spreadsheet for better pondering thereof, and to talk it over with my brother and sister-in-law.

Collapse )
So, I'm using the "gut test". I'm saying I've decided to go with Betsy, now the lower bidder, because I think I'll get about the same level of finished product and hopefully somewhat faster than the other guy. Now I see how my gut feels about it for a day or two--if it's roiling around as if Dondo dy Jironal were encapsulated therein, I'll re-examine the decision. If all is quiet or just the level of "gee, you're about to sign a contract for a heck of a lot of money", I'll tell both bidders my decision. So far, my gut seems to be taking this pretty calmly.

Denver weather

Arrived in Denver to light blowing snow at about 3 PM. I met up with my carpool driver (who's from Albany, NY, so she knows how to drive in this stuff), we drove to the hotel and checked in, and immediately set out to get something to eat and then make a grocery store stop. We're at a Residence Inn, so can stock up on some lunches, lower-cal breakfast items for me, snacks, etc.

The snow got a little heavier as we ate, and by 5 PM as we headed to the Super Target, the roads were getting pretty slushy. When we emerged with groceries and sundries, the roads were covered and the snow was still coming down. I think Golden is getting a little more than the 1 inch that is predicted...but after this storm passes, the rest of the week should be free of precip. But cold!