March 15th, 2006


I think it's a Y chromosome thing

At the Residence Inn evening social hour, which provides some level of food each weekday evening, it is chili-cheese-dog night. Monday was soup-and-salad night, which all of my group passed on (bowl of unadorned iceberg lettuce, and canned soup) and Tuesday was spaghetti night which I think everyone skipped as well.

Tonight I looked in to see if there was a gathering of people who might have interesting dinner plans, and there was a table of all the guys on the testing team having chili cheese dogs. The other women on the team were not in evidence.

I said hi, and went over to Pei Wei for my dinner. Might not have had less fat and/or calories, but at least there was some pretense of a vegetable...

Team building, water use style

At the training center where we're having our database test this week, some other group is having a team-building training session. Well, we decided we just finished the water-use version of team building: an evening of games in the lobby of the Residence Inn.

The game of the evening was "You Must Be An Idiot", a trivia game with bluffing. At each question round, the players have a secret card that tells them if they are an idiot (who must get the question wrong) or not. Correct answers score points, correct guessing of who had an idiot card (and whose wrong answer was therefore a bluff) score points, and unchallenged idiots score points. Incorrect challengers lose points. Lots of fun, enhanced by knowing each other pretty well. If K. misses the baseball question, she must have an idiot card. Same thing for T. and movie questions. Unless they are bluffing... Lots of fun. However, there were no takers for a follow-on game of "Ticket to Ride" when YMBAI ended at 9:45.

Windy tonight in Denver--the emergency door in the lobby area whistled and rattled all through the game, and up here in my room I can hear the window rattling through the closed curtains. Yep, here we go--30 mph winds out there, bringing the wind chill to the low 20s. Hopefully it'll be calmer tomorrow.