March 19th, 2006


Packing begins

I hauled out some moving boxes saved from the move to Atlanta 12 years ago. Have now filled the 2 dish barrels, which got almost all the bakeware, not quite so much of the pots and pans, and some miscellany from drawers to fill in the boxes.

There's a heck of a lot more to go in the packing, then there's various dismantling--remove the wire shelf in the utility room for possible reuse. Take down the wire grid that holds tools, ditto. Remove the broom rack/holders. Remove the 3 Elfa baskets-on-runners and move to the pantry, if they are in good enough shape.

Then I need to start on things not actually in the kitchen and utility room: move the piano from the wall that is losing a door, and therefore will eventually be painted. Move the music bookcase ditto. Take down pictures from wall, ditto. Clear the top of the little desk, preparatory to covering it, the piano, and the cookbook bookcase with plastic to keep off the dust.

I think I'd better resolve to accomplish at least one task every day--pack a small box in the evening after work, etc. Of course, I haven't got a contract yet, and we haven't settled on a start date. But the further along I have the packing, the better.