March 20th, 2006



Packed one largish box. I'm out of saved dish barrels, so this is a "large" moving company box. All the baking pans are now packed, plus some plastic serving stuff, drawer miscellany, and, well, more kitchen stuff.

Lots still to go.

Was interrupted by a fat rodent waddling across the kitchen floor. Maybe a large mouse, but it didn't look right. It looked rather more like a mole, really, but I haven't heard of moles as house pests. Didn't get a good look, as it was out of the door and moving down the hall before I reacted and then I wasted time looking for something to use to capture it. And calling for the cats, neither of which came to help.

The beastie had disappeared before I got down the hall. Will have to look for signs of destruction in the pantry, and set a trap if the cats don't solve the problem for me. This was the first ever rodent spotting in this house, so I'm hoping it was just a one-time occurrence and not signs of an infestation.