March 26th, 2006


Contract signed

Contract is signed, big check written. Possible start date of April 10th, if she (the contractor) gets the building permit through DeKalb County by then.

Progress is being made on the packing--I think I'm about to tape Box 6 closed, and will start tomorrow on some smaller boxes to hold china and glassware. I've moved the cat food and water bowl from the kitchen to the guest bathroom. I'm debating when to move the big litter box to my bathroom, where I plan to have it sit in my shower stall most of the time. It just occurred to me that I'd better see if the box will fit through the glass door--it's a big Booda dome litter box. My plan is to shut the cats in my bedroom/bathroom area during the day, so there must be a litter box in there somewhere. May have to revert to a smaller box for that and put the Booda dome somewhere else.