April 6th, 2006


Game night

Game night of the Denver trip: we borrowed the little conference room off the breakfast area from the Residence Inn folks, and set out the collection. Ended up starting with Europa Tour, a four-person game that I may try to find a copy of. Good refresher on European geography as you try to assemble a deck of 10 cards that makes a tour from country to country. I actually won that one. Due to a good bit of blind luck, of course, as all the players started with little idea of strategy--the owner of the game was just coaching us and not playing.

Then we moved to Elfenland with 5 people, and three people stuck with Europa Tour. Elfenland is much more complex, and took a lot longer to play. Not too much offensive strategy showed until the final round, when those of us who were new too it were a little more comfortable with the play, and could see where T. was trying to go and try to block him. Besides, he placed the first block--serves 'im right!