April 7th, 2006


Wiki birthday meme

Gacked from allyra:
Go to Wikipedia, enter in your birthdate (sans year), post three events, two births and one death.

1864 - Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in the American Civil War.
1898 - The first solo circumnavigation of the globe is completed by Joshua Slocum from Briar Island, Nova Scotia.
1967 - The world's first ATM is installed in Enfield, London.

1880 - Helen Keller, American spokeswoman for the deaf and blind (d. 1968)
1927 - Bob Keeshan, American actor (d. 2004)

1829 - James Smithson, English founder of the Smithsonian Institute (b. 1765)

Changeable weather

Heading out of the hotel with luggage this morning, it was raining lightly. Fifteen minutes later going into the building at the Denver Federal Center the rain had gotten quite heavy. As I never bring rain gear to Denver because I never seemed to see enough moisture to get very wet, I got very wet. Two hours later headed out to the airport, it was briefly snowing, then settled to a mix of rain and snow. With wind. Rather unpleasant standing outside waiting on the shuttle bus at the rental car place.

But the week of database testing went well as evidenced by the 2-hour wrap-up session ending after 35 minutes, the weather was nice (or at least not unpleasant until today), and I'm now hoping for an uneventful flight home.


But, alas, it was not to be....

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I was well entertained by His Majesty's Dragon, which is Napoleonic Wars (naval) with dragons. Hits my love of Horatio Hormblower and fantasy in one. I think it's time to grab the book and a glass of milk and retire to bed...