April 10th, 2006


Corporate proxy statement makes history!

I've spent a chunk of the evening voting various proxies for stocks that I own. Generally that means voting for (or against) each proposed director, agreeing with the company's choice of accountants, and then reading some number of stockholder proposals and the company's reasons why those are a Bad Idea, and voting on them. I do vote as the company recommends most of the time, but I do read the arguments on either side first. If I'm feeling energetic, I make individual decisions on each director using a set of criteria, too. No analysis of the accountant choices, however...

But, total shock, here is one where Management recommends voting For a stockholder proposal! Amgen agrees that it's a good idea to do an annual report on their political contributions beyond what's required by the FEC and IRS. I almost voted Against it without reading, as it looked very similar to proposals made to other companies.