April 11th, 2006



The destruction has started. I stayed at the house this morning long enough to speak to the contractor and the demolition guy about moving the fridge, meet the electrician who was re-wiring 2 outlets in the dining area of the Weird Room to handle the fridge and microwave, and watch them get started.

Demo guy: "This is my favorite part," as he reached up to a high cabinet door and ripped it off...

Cats are shut in my bedroom with water, litterbox, and the Feliway pheromone diffuser putting out soothing smells. Probably traumatized anyway.

Demolition, day 1

Lots of progress, and lots of mess. I finally put a set of "before" pictures up to document where I started, and I took a few today to show how the demolition is proceeding.

I need to call in the morning and ask that they put up some plastic sheeting over the hall entrance. Closing the doors to the Weird Room seems to do OK keeping the dust down there, at least after they finished tracking in and out re-wiring the plugs and moving the fridge.

Fridge and microwave have been relocated to the dining area: coffeepot is in the guest bathroom. The hardwood floors suffered some during the fridge move--it looks like they didn't do anything to try to protect it. Must talk to the contractor about that, too. But it's largely a scuff line and not a scratch into the wood. I think. Must look more carefully in the morning.