April 14th, 2006


CONstruction begins

The de-construction of the old kitchen is (mostly) over, and construction began yesterday. They removed more of the old coat closet and the wall between the kitchen and utility room (which gets rebuilt with a pocket door in it, and started framing the new smaller coat closet in the corner of the utility room. The door from the (former) hall to the Weird Room went away, and a piece of drywall has been put in place on the Weird Room side. The other side stays open to the studs for the installation of the new electrical panel. Oh, the crushed-in drywall at the pocket door to the Weird Room has been neatly cut out, leaving a square opening To Be Repaired Later.

And the plumber came. Looks like he removed the old washer hookup (now located in the new coat closet, put in the new one, put in the utility sink hookup, and redid the kitchen sink hookup--instead of valves sticking out of the wall, there's now a hole to see the pipes, two capped copper water supply pipes, and a capped drain pipe. Instead of dealing with the crawl space, he just cut out part of the subfloor in the utility room to run the piping from the washing machine location to the utility sink. As long as it gets rebuilt, I don't guess I care.