April 18th, 2006



The good news is that I've been redistricted out of the 4th Congressional District, represented by the lovely (cough, cough) Cynthia McKinney, last seen making a splash by hitting a Capitol police officer with her cell phone when he, not recognizing her, tried to stop her from walking around the metal detectors.

The bad news is that I'm now in the 5th District, which is predominately the City of Atlanta proper. The incumbent is John Lewis. Not being very politically minded, I don't have much of an impression of John Lewis, though he has to be better than McKinney. I do feel that my suburban, unincorporated area doesn't fit that well with true urban Atlanta, but...at least I'm away from McKinney.

Today in the remodeling...

The new electrical panel is in and hooked up. The cats were distressed: the backup battery gave out in the carbon monoxide monitor that's in my bedroom (where they are shut up for the day during construction), and it was bleeping shrilly when I got home. They were very ready to get out of that room and away from the noise.

On the framing front, the pocket door to the guest hall is in, mostly. (I pulled it out fully and it got slightly out of its track, so it lacks a guide, or some shims, or both...or something else. And hardware.) The casings for the other 2 new pocket doors (to the Cat Room, and between the kitchen and utility room) are in place but still aren't fully installed.