April 21st, 2006


Friday's activity

Today was finishing on the framing, I think--at least there were some sounds of general nailing and sawing earlier in the morning. I left to run errands when the nail gun kicked in, nailing down the subfloor. I see a few patches have been added to the subfloor, like where the old utility room plumbing came out. The large pile of trash that had been taking over the driveway went away. Collapse )

The guy that was still here in the afternoon doing cleanup said the new door for the utility room-to-garage entrance won't be here until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I got him to help me put up some heavier plastic over the opening for the duration. Let's hope the temperature stays mild--I don't think the R value of that plastic sheet is very large.

Contractor called to say that the plumbing inspection would happen today (haven't checked the posted permit to see if it did), then electrical probably Monday and framing Monday or Tuesday. Sheetrock will start after the framing is signed off on. She also let me know about the subfloor nailing--it seems lots of the old nails had worked loose, and it all needed to be secured before the tile backer board goes down. This counts as an "unexpected condition" and costs extra: $75. All this inspection stuff will lead to paying off the subs for those pieces, so she also warned me that there will be another "draw" soon.