April 22nd, 2006


Found it!

My brother came over last night and checked out the construction status. He thought the new support beam looked OK, peering up through the hole in the ceiling and looking at a couple of photos I took in the attic. The angled-in 4x4s have been re-created as vertical supports, but are still going to the same rafters. Hopefully shifting the support point a foot or so will not matter.

He and I also went through checking on switches: are the light switches where they should be, and where I want them? As not all the lights or switches are in place yet, this requires some guesswork. But assuming that the installed boxes with no switches yet are wired as called for on the plans, everything looked fine. Except for the carriage light, which we couldn't find.

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In other news, the plumbing rough-in inspection did happen on Friday. Electrical and framing to go, then the drywall can start.