April 26th, 2006


This may be a new addiction

After the board game sessions during the last two trips to Denver, I broke down and bought 10 Days in the USA, 10 Days in Europe, and Ticket to Ride Europe. My prime gaming buddies are the nieces (ages 10 and 12), who have decided I have the coolest games. We just played TTR-E this evening though we had to truncate the game for bedtime--it being TV-Free week, the kids are wanting post-homework, pre-bedtime entertainment. Sister-in-law joined us for a 4-player game. Older niece won thanks to good contracts, younger niece hit her wall before the last round when she was lagging in the scoring, SIL and I had respectable showings.

10 Days in Europe is....different from Europa Tour. I'm not sure, but I'd say I prefer Europa Tour. I liked the ferry routes instead of this "any two countries connected by the same ocean", and I'd love the read a "real" board gamer's analysis of the differences (if any) caused by the different weighting of the various cards. But hey, it's still fun, as is 10 Days in the USA.

Another inspection done

Electrical rough-in inspection is done. The electrician also dealt with the items I'd mentioned to the contractor, and plus some: moved the switch for the outlets in the Weird Room next to the kitchen door, added the rough-in for the outlet where the old garage door was, swapped the switch positions for the carriage light and the Cat Room overhead light. And he pulled wire for what I think will be the under-cabinet lights.

Next up: framing inspection. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, on the garage door: Tyson the framer was going to re-use the old door frame, even though we are turning the door around to open the other way. But he decided the old frame was in too bad a shape and had to back up and order a pre-hung door. Which will be here sometime. Be great if he got that done while waiting for the framing inspector, but that's probably too much to ask.