April 27th, 2006


All is quiet

The office is very, very quiet this afternoon. It's the day of the office picnic and softball challenge (Data Section vs. Studies Section), and while I went to the lunch I skipped the ball game. I think there may be 4 or 5 other people around.

The picnic was nice--monster burgers, hot dogs, and eventually veggie burgers after someone went back for them. I brought my own carrots and an apple, knowing that the only side offering would be chips. Of course the burger should probably have been 3 servings for me and I ate the whole thing...must have a nice salad for dinner. And I chatted with a couple of techs who recently transferred from Colorado whom I hadn't met before and enjoyed the sun and cool air. Oh, and got to see Tim, my supervisor who retired in January. He's looking good, and enjoying retirement.