April 28th, 2006


Construction supervisor for the morning

It's Friday, my day at home, and it looks like I'm spending it as a job supervisor. Collapse )

Other construction news: tile guy still hasn't measured, so I haven't placed the tile order. And contractor is preparing a new draw request now that the rough-in inspections are done. I'll go by the credit union and get a check cut once I have the amount from her.

Translate to colloquial Spanish

Anyone out there with pretty good Spanish skills? My high school classes are long since forgotten.

I need a sign for my recycling can to stop the construction workers from putting their lunch trash in there. (Probably will also need to get a plastic bag to line the real outside garbage can--normally I just move the bag of kitchen garbage out to it and don't use a liner.) Does 'Ninguna Basura' say what I want? The whole sign says:

Clean Recyclables Only
No Trash or Garbage
Ninguna Basura

While I'm at it, does my sign for the bedroom door translate properly?

Do Not Enter
Cats Inside
No Entrar
Gatos Adentro

More of Friday's activity

So, after the sheetrock delivery, I decided to get my bicycle out (first time since winter, I'm afraid) and ride around the neighborhood. Before I got out of the garage, Betsy (the contractor) and Mary (her office help, and the wife of a husband-and-wife tile setting operation) showed up to measure for tile, measure for cabinets, and oops! forgot the draw request they'd prepared.

Collapse )
Then it was home, then next door to get briefed on the supper arrangements. Sister-in-law bought 3 types of sausages, shrimp, and veggies for our usual 'Low Country Boil'--except we grill everything instead of boiling it. She then headed off with 2 kids for T-ball, and the remaining child and I moved to my house to play 10 Days in the USA. Then moved back to her house with Scrabble, so I could start cooking while playing. If the game hadn't been good, I might have had supper a little farther along when everyone else arrived, but we still ate reasonably close to our regular time.