May 1st, 2006


Monday status report

No sheetrock today. Maybe sheetrock tomorrow? Don't know if the lack of activity today had anything to do with the immigrant boycott--the demonstration planned for the Capitol area here in Atlanta seems to have been a bust in terms of turn-out, but perhaps the boycott was more widespread. All that seems to have happened at my house today was someone picked up the check for the second draw.

I did get a call from the tile person (Mary), got the numbers of tiles needed, and then got in touch with my architect who will order them for me. 386 of the 12x12 floor tiles, 97 of the 6x6 floor tiles, and enough 6x6 white tiles for the backsplash to cover 28 sq. ft.

And in the 'coping with no kitchen' realm, my sister-in-law invited me to dinner, and offered the perfect incentive: "I'll let you....load my dishwasher". Mmmmm, dishwasher. Someday I'll have one of those again. Or even just a kitchen sink for hand-washiing dishes.