May 9th, 2006


Amateur commercial Web sites

A man I worked with years ago died very suddenly this week, about a month after he retired. I missed his retirement party, and now will never have a chance to reconnect with him. But that's not why I'm writing this.

Another ex-co-worker sent out the funeral information and a link to the funeral home in Thomaston, Ga. that is in charge of the service. I went to see if an obituary had been posted, and, dear me, what a Web site. There's the recorded audio sales pitch that plays every time you hit the home page. The muddy-colored navigation bars on the left column. And oh, the grammar and spelling: the "Grief Libary"--it's spelled that way in the links on each page and in the page title and banner. The tiled background image that's too big (or too small) to look good. The blurb on renovation plans on the home page, with extremely erratic curly-quotes and some random capitalization. Add in the funeral-home-speak: "Pre-Need" "After Care" "At Need". If you have to see for yourself, it's the Pasley-Fletcher Funeral Home.