May 11th, 2006


You can lead a horse to water...

You can put a multi-lingual sign on your recycling bin...but you can't make the construction guys pay attention to it.

Someone dumped a shovelful of dust and sweepings on top of the (formerly) clean recyclables.

Have left a note for the job supervisor and sent email to the contractor requesting that they keep their own trash can on site, and use if for all their trash. I don't like smelling cigarette butts in my trash can, either.

Computer security training

Every year, every Federal employee has to take an "information systems security awareness" training class. DOI does this with online courses, which is great--take it when you want, self paced, pass the little 'mastery tests', and print the certificate when you're done as proof.

Except: they keep changing the system, and therefore things never go smoothly. Last year we had "DOI University" as the training system. This year, it's "DOI Learn", with a new login, new listings, new interface, etc.

I got a user ID and password, work through the course (I actually read it! I promise! Most people jump straight to the tests and do just fine), and pass all the tests with flying colors. About 45 minutes elapsed time, I think. But when I try to click on the "Quit" button to exit the class and get to the certificate part, it gives an error. Repeatedly.

Turns out that Javascript or VM must be running for this last step to work. Our PCs are configured by the computer section who apparently aren't consistent about Javascript, so some people can get this to work and others can't. I ended up moving to my Mac, going through the tests again, and getting my course credit.

The security awareness training material, of course, warns you not to run Javascript.

Birdcam drama

Lots of tension in the falcon nest-watching on the Kodak site. Four of the six eggs hatched at the end of last week. Then one eyas died yesterday, perhaps smothered by the adult female, Mariah. Mariah has an injured leg as of a couple of days ago, and probably can't support herself normally on the nest. She's still managing to hunt successfully, but her landings are poor if she has prey in the one good talon.

Then just a few minutes ago one of the last 2 eggs hatched--several of the falcon-watchers had decided they might not, as the eggs weren't getting incubated all that well with an injured mom and lively siblings around. But no, we now have 4 live eyasses, one egg, and a sad little carcass.

More contractor notes

Called Betsy this evening to get the status on the drywall sanding. First round is done, and Tyson has marked spots that need more mud (and then more sanding). The drywall guy may be back tomorrow for the mudding.

Mary will be in tomorrow to finish the tile backerboard. While walking around with my brother, we discovered a perfect Fish footprint in the compound they spread around the doorway between the kitchen and the utility room. It's rock hard, now...

Betsy says the painter is going to pressure-wash the bricks that will be used to fill the old doorway, probably on Sunday. He'll spread the bricks out in my driveway to do this. No problem for me--I'll be in Portland.

And as I'll be gone all week, she would like another check. She'll prepare the bill tomorrow morning and Mary (tile lady and office help) will bring it by.

My architect dropped off a couple of paint chips as possible wall colors, both light yellows. I like the lighter one: "Linen sand", Benjamin Moore 2151-60. Will send an email off to Betsy with this shortly.