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May 15th, 2006

Portland sightseeing, day 2

Todd and I set off around 8:30 and walked to the Max rail line. Bought day passes ($4 each) which turned out to be a good deal, plus they saved us 50 cents off the Zoo admission--the Zoo wisely charges for parking if you drove, and discounts your admission if you took public transit.
on the zoo....Collapse )

....and gardens....Collapse )

....and a train station for geologistsCollapse )

So, we took the train back downtown, walked to the hotel, and met up with John. We got on the streetcar to ride around, thinking perhaps to stop and do some shopping, but Todd needed to get back to call his mother for Mother's Day--he still doesn't have a cell phone, so needed the hotel phone. We did find the neat Keller fountain as we walked back from the streetcar--almost a block of pools and falls, most of them full of people enjoying the water, the sun, and the warm temperature.

We went to Veritable Quandry for dinner, and decided up front to share a chocolate souffle for dessert when the party at the table next to us had one while we were deciding on dinner. The meal was good (I had grilled chicken served on kale and black-eyed peas), and the chocolate souffle was marvelous. Then we walked down to the waterfront getting John oriented a little, explored a marina, watched a dragon boat crew setting out to practice, and then circled back to the hotel. And so to bed--I will have a minipifflefest breakfast meeting, then will see if I can get to Powell's and to Moonstruck Chocolates along with whatever other sightseeing and shopping Todd, John, and Bruce (the local person) want to do.


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