June 6th, 2006


Denver 2006, trip #4

I'm back in Denver, for the fourth and last time this year. I hope. It's the last scheduled database test, anyway.

The trip didn't start out so well, despite coming in on Saturday to meet up with friends and take in a baseball game. Collapse )

Collapse )

But the baseball game was pleasant--we got the expensive field level seat, but far enough up to be in the shade. And we went to the Denver Zoo beforehand to kill some time, which was also pleasant. Collapse )

And today, after an only slightly jinxed first day of database testing (the Ingres database got corrupted on both the local server and the backup one in HQ...what are checkpoints for?), we played games. One end of the table had Ticket to Ride Märklin, and I was in the group on the other end playing Carcassonne. First time with Carcassonne for all of us but the game owner, so we lacked a lot in strategy but had a good time with it nonetheless.

I need to get caught up on the kitchen remodeling blogging, and on my PDA there's a partial post on what happened last week. Must get that moved to the laptop so I can finish it...

Denver, day 2

More database testing, nothing much new there. I did see both of the Office of Ground Water Bills today. Bill A. is the head of OGW (and funds my national water-use work--the Water Use Program was put under OGW about 5 years ago) but is based in San Diego, not in HQ. Bill C. is under him and takes the lead on certain activities because (in part) he is in HQ. Both are in Denver for a regional conference--don't know why they were down at the training center where we are testing. Bill A. came into the water-use test room to say hi to all of us, but I just ran into Bill C. in the hall as I left for my lunchtime walk.

Nice evening, too. Collapse )