June 7th, 2006


Kitchen remodeling catchup

Got a lot of catching up to do on the remodeling blog effort...I started this on the plane to Denver, and will append a little at the end.

Last Thursday, I think, was the start of the Great Paint Confrontation. Collapse )

Then there's the tile issues. Collapse )

Friday did see the cabinet delivery, and my garage was piled high with the boxes, up to the level that just allowed the door to open on one side.

My brother, who is doing cat-sitting duty while my s-i-l and the kids are in Savannah, reports that the cabinet installers got several cabinets in yesterday, and were still working today when he went over at 7:50 PM. He also moved the plumbing delivery from the front door to the garage Monday evening--only the cabinet installers were there Monday, and that didn't seem to be in their purview. Betsy called this morning to say how nice the cabinets were looking, and to tell me I need to buy my cabinet and drawer pulls and decide where they are to be installed. I asked about the tile problem areas, and she says they can fix the worst raised edge, and will fill in the lower spots in the grout job. We'll look at all this after the cabinets are in as that will hide a good bit of tile and make other areas less noticeable.