June 23rd, 2006


Compufest 2006

I'm in Reno this weekend, attending CompuFest 2006. It's a conference on investing in stocks by individuals and investment clubs, focussed on computer tools for helping people do this. Collapse )

So anyway, I'm in Reno, amid the noisy flashing slot machines, ready to go to some classes on investment topics. It was a tolerable flight out despite the screaming baby two rows up--turns out said baby and parents were on their way from South Africa to a small town in South Dakota, so baby being fretful was perhaps inevitable on the Atlanta-Salt Lake City leg. (Noise cancelling earphones are wonderful things, BTW...) Collapse )

I'll migrate down to the Cyber Cafe area shortly and see if I can get connected to the wireless network to post this and pull my email. Then I'll find lunch (last meal before the "all meals included" official program starts that runs through Sunday lunch) and get ready for the first classes this afternoon.

Kitchen updates

I'm way behind on my notes on the construction--last week seems to have disappeared in a work- and pre-trip- fog. I'll see if I can get the major events/discussions recorded...

Wednesday last week (the 14th) saw the old door into the garage bricked up. It looks good--Tyson didn't feather in the new brick, but he did a nice trick of putting white mortar that matches the brick color where he put half-bricks in, and a gray mortar that (almost) matches the old mortar for the rest. The new area is noticeable, but part of that is that the new bricks are whiter thanks to having been recently pressure-washed. (The new mortar has lightened up a little from the picture.)

Cabinets: The island is now the right size. The problems with the cabinet dividers and extra shelves are all OK--the right stuff was ordered, it just needs to be found (or reordered if not here) and installed. Lots of the trim problems have been fixed, and more will be done after the second order of replacement trim pieces arrives. Most of the drawers are now in place. The marred refrigerator panel has been moved to put the bad spot toward the fridge, instead of facing the passageway. I've picked out a drawer pull and bought about half of what I need--Lowes should have the rest of them next week.

The granite templating happened last week as well. Collapse )

I spoke to Tyson while he was there Wednesday afternoon about the bookcases (wanting the edge molding on the shelves cut down so as to be less in the way of close shelf spacing for books, want one knotty facing piece replaced), the two holes in the brick that still need patching from the old dryer vent location and the old electrical meter, moving the unneeded brick from my driveway to a spot beside the garage wall, and getting the stuff stored in my garage moved back to the left side so I can get to my storage cabinets and my recycling area. Collapse )