July 12th, 2006


Appliances! (Well, some of them)

I now have a working oven, warming drawer, and (new) microwave. I think the washer and dryer are fully hooked up, though I haven't had a confirmation of that. The dishwasher is in place, but must wait on the plumber so the drain line can be hooked to the sink. (And the plumber must wait on the granite company to come drill the holes for the faucet and stuff.)

The downdraft vent works, but needs an outlet wired for its permanent plug-in and for that of the cooktop. It also needs the ducting completed under the house--these guys only ran it through the floor to the crawl space.

The 220 line that the electrician mistakenly ran to the cooktop area can be capped, as it would only be needed if I convert to an electric cooktop later. The gas cooktop has a couple of things yet to go: the gas line must be run, an electrical outlet is needed, and the hole in the granite countertop is not quite big enough--if it had been cut exactly straight, it would probably have been OK. Add this to the tasks to do when the granite guy comes to drill holes.

The fridge will be delivered on the 18th, it seems.

Other minor problems: small ding in the stainless trim kit for the microwave (and I'd prefer that the trim be black, not stainless, so the installer is going to ask if it's available in black), and one end of the grill for the downdraft is bent slightly, so those will be replaced.