July 20th, 2006


No fridge yesterday, either

...in fact, no activity yesterday that I detected.

I did have a call from Mary asking if I wanted to pay for the ceiling light fixtures with my credit card, and she said the laminate countertops will be ready Friday. They'll pick them up Friday or Monday depending on the timing, so perhaps those will get installed next week. And then we could get the utility sink installed. And then the plumber could come, and hook everything up including....The Dishwasher...

The last of the electrical fixtures will be delivered today. I haven't heard if/when the electrician is scheduled to come install them, and the under-cabinet lights, and the plug for the cooktop and downdraft vent, and the new doorbell.


Fridge tomorrow. 9:30, if all happens on schedule. Mary called to ask if I'd be home, both as it's Friday and I don't work, and as the appliances and installation are really my problem--they're not included in the contract with Betsy. I didn't get around to making a haircut appointment, so I can be home to wait on the delivery. Oh, Mary relayed the information that the trim kit for the microwave does come in black, but it is backordered. I'll wait, as I think the black will look much better than the stainless steel.

Further news: the overhead light fixtures appeared in my garage while I was at Jazzercise. Rick the electrician is supposed to come Tuesday to finish all the electrical work. Countertops will probably be picked up tomorrow, so they will (I assume) also appear in the garage before long.

Again no signs of any work on the cabinets, bookcases, etc. happening today...