July 22nd, 2006


I found it!

I found it! A compact upright 7.5 cu. ft. Kenmore freezer, discontinued by Sears and showing as "unavailable" on all Web sources that I googled up. My idea to look at K-Mart paid off--Sears and K-Mart have a common corporate parent, and K-Mart now carries Kenmore appliances. I thought it might just be a place where Sears sends odds-n-ends.

The "sale price" was only $10 more than the "sale price" I saw last summer when I picked the model and designed a space around it. (No other comparably sized upright freezer fits in that space, I've discovered.) The boxed freezer now sits in my garage, waiting for the cabinet trim and countertop work to get a little further along before I move it into place.

The new fridge is now loaded, and the old one is unplugged and coming to room temp. I'll ask Betsy if she can get it moved out of my dining room next week, hopefully without scratching the hardwood floors more than they did moving it in.