July 24th, 2006


Work today

Work happened today on the remodeling: I can tell mostly because the garage got rearranged so as to block my access to my paper-recycling bin, and to pile stuff so it was almost impossible to fit my car (a Honda CR/V) in. This garage is not large, having been sized as a carport for 1960's cars. Anyway, the laminate countertops appear to be here, except the one that got destroyed in the edge-rolling process, and are propped in the front of the garage. Hopefully those will get installed tomorrow, leaving more room for the car.

Other work: a few more trim pieces are on cabinets. The back panel of the island has been replaced. There's a hole drilled through the floor beside the washing machine to drain the drainpan the washing machine is to sit on. The drainpan that's leaning up against the wall looks like it will protrude out in front of the machine for me to trip on--but I'll wait until it's in place to see if it really is a problem. And they damaged several tiles in front of the dryer, probably when dragging the drill over to drill the hole--looks like a long scrape or scuff in the tiles. We'll see if they just try to drag the dryer forward to cover it...