July 25th, 2006


Slow progress

One countertop is in--the one with the utility sink, though the sink installation is still in progress. More cabinet trim work, too. The garage is still a tight fit for my car, as other countertops are still out there.

Today's discussion with Betsy revolved around plumbing: it seems the plumber came, and then they discovered that the tank for the instant hot water heater hadn't been delivered. Collapse )

I told her about the scrape in the tile by the dryer, to which she just said "Oh, lord!" (I add it to my list of "things to look at for the punch list".) And she says the drain pan is a fixed size, so no flexibility there. If I decide I can't live with it after it's down, I'll ask her about options for fabricating one that's a closer fit. My supervisor suggests Corian works really well for this--I can't conceive of paying for a Corian drain pan...